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Similac Total Comfort

As we have been always been committed to providing highest quality products with cutting-edge science that informs the way we approach our nutritional way we are proud to introduce for you our new product Similac Total Comfort by which we have reached a formula designed to guarantee improved tolerance without compromising the nutrition provided to infants.

Total Comfort Family (Similac Total Comfort 0-6 months, Similac Gain Total Comfort 6- 12 Months and Gain Plus Total Comfort 12 Months and Onwards) is a good choice if the child has difficulty tolerating other milk-based formulas.

Main Features and Indications for Similac Total Comfort include:

Total Comfort family contains the Tummy Care System, specially formulated to be

  • Easy- to-digest on tiny tummies with the partially hydrolyzed 100% whey protein.
  • Easy-to-digest vegetable fat blend with no palm olein oil promoting the production softer stools.
  • 98% lactose free; Similac Total Comfort is recommended for fussiness, gas, or diarrhea due to lactose sensitivity.
  • galactooligosaccharides(GOS) as a prebiotic in its formulation similar to those naturally found in human milk.

Total Comfort Family contains the unique Eye-Q Plus system of nutrients, including AA, DHA, omega 3&6, taurine, choline, lutein, and iron, key building blocks for brain and visual development.